About Strategex Consulting

At Strategex, we use a structured, fact-based approach to help clients gain competitive advantage through a better understanding of their customers and competitors. We use quantifiable market research to build a solid foundation for marketing strategy decisions.

Our strategy consultants have all had extensive experience as senior level marketing and business professionals before becoming consultants. With this in-depth understanding of the corporate and public sector environments, our clients receive strategic thinking that considers the practicalities of implementation.

Through this approach to planning and implementation, we have helped our clients outperform their competitors and their industry.

Our Philosophy

Strategex believes success in business is due to the right strategy, executed well. We believe the right business strategy starts with sound research and rigorous analysis. We take the long view in building brands and competitive advantage. We believe that measurement and tracking are critical to success. “If you can’t measure it, how do you know it worked?”

Strategex is committed to building long-term relationships with clients to help them assess opportunities, evaluate risk, and meet their business objectives. We build capacity within client organizations by helping to elevate the capabilities of their people.


a Marketing Plan

An American Marketing Association Best Practices Tutorial
by Linda Lee and Denise Hayes