Our Work

We help clients increase revenue and profitability by improving their competitive position. We start by diagnosing the problem (e.g. why are sales stagnant, why are competitors outperforming us, how can we maximize revenue and profitability?) through market and customer research. We then work with our clients to develop strategic plans that hone in on where there are market opportunities and where our clients have a competitive advantage.

The outcome of our work often includes:

  • New or improved products or services that increase market share, revenue, and/or profitability
  • A more relevant positioning and brand that are more motivating to customers
  • Pricing strategies that are more competitive and maximize profitability
  • A better focus on key customer segments leading to a more strategic use of marketing communications budgets
  • A long-term plan that focuses client resources on activities that maximize market share, revenue, and/or profitability.

To achieve these outcomes, we:

  • Conduct market and customer research
  • Prepare brand audits
  • Conduct competitive analyses
  • Facilitate planning sessions
  • Develop plans and strategy
  • Identify opportunities for new products and services
  • Develop brands
  • Implement our plans and strategies
  • Mentor client staff.

Our difference is our ability to uncover truths that lead to improved competitiveness and heightened results.


a Marketing Plan

An American Marketing Association Best Practices Tutorial
by Linda Lee and Denise Hayes